We have Thrived the unforgiving weathers, we have Thrived the cold wars. And We are still thrilling folks by Our {web} developments and designs across the Globe.

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The Designer Lounge Agency

Developing Web Based Technologies & Designing Concepts

About the Unit / Who Are We and what We do.

We are contemporaries of web-art, we define new set of concepts in our works and look forward for inspirations in the most simple things in life. We believe in working abiding by principles & our ethical values.

Besides art, we love to celebrate living and are devoted in understanding the philosophy of life and the Grandeur of the Creator. Who created us in his own image, after all we all have realized that God is the Only Designer and all designs are inspired by his Nature & his Cosmic bountiful Glory.

Core Principles / What defines Us

We are a team of responsible members led by integrity, passion & fair dealings. We brainstorm on projects and give our best shots on all. Believe in our commitments & we assure you a Smile. Check us out below .


The first principle is based on something that's the basis of web design – inventive. A web art designer must always keep the fact that inventing can make all the difference in a good web design in mind.


When we design a website, we make it easy to find what the visitor are looking for and a careful UI design is imperative, it can make a website usable and is correct practical approach.

Looks Great

The Visual Design and quality of a website is the balance between the visual details and the usefulness of it. Cool websites are those that deliver a unique experience when you visit them, and present interesting content.

User Friendly

We make websites that are easy to understand. We have a clear view of the goals that the client intents to aim and keeping those in mind we initiate the designs and developments.


keep the Web design and the methodology simple yet unique. The more scripts you feed the code, the more slower & inactive the website will be. Therefore, it is necessary to have a simple yet elegant designing strategy for a long lasting website.


Web designs are constantly updating, each day millions of designs roll out on web. There is no point in following them and spoiling the current theme. Be Unique and on updated platforms by durable websites.


Take a Look into the Treasure chest of the Designer Lounge Unit

Toolkit / Our Choicest Companions

The biggest tool for any enterprise is dedication, we are a bunch of devoted people using some of the most prolific tools in the industry to the best we can. We use our tools for showing you our love, our creativity & above all our 'Sacred Ambition'...

We at The Designer Lounge believe in Love, ethics & Honour the Workmanship of Our Team. We have exclusivity & the artistic charm to give our clients a unique conceptual art. We invest in our ideas to create graphics, web designs, web art pieces and some of the most Cherishable Websites. We Love our Work and for us Work is Worship. We follow the most adored dictum of Love All - Serve All. Some of Our designs are inspired by Transcendental Truth of Life. We respect Our Work and thank all our associates for 'Inspiring Us'. God Bless Us All. We have been the Leading Developing & Designing Unit across India & Europe since 2010.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery

PHP / Magento/ Drupal

Get in touch / Looking forward to work with you.

We at The Designer Lounge believe in Love , ethics & Honour the Workmanship of Our Members based in India and Europe .There are many ways of getting beautiful ideas . We brainstorm with our team & we are good listeners too . We encourage you to give elaborate informations on your project . Get in Touch with Us , We love to hear you Say ' hello ' .

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