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The Best of Pay Per Click PPC advertising services

  •   SIMPLE INITIATION - No lengthy contracts. Just simple monthly pathedesignerloungeents.
  •   PROFESSIONAL - Effective and professionally written advertisements.
  •   TARGETED MARKETS - Carefully selected keywords and target audience.
  •   TRACKING - Know exactly how, when and where your visitors are finding you.
  •   REPORTS - Monthly reports on your position, keywords and clickthroughs.
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No contracts. Simple pathedesignerloungeents.

Pay per click advertising alongside search engine optimization (SEO), is becoming one of the most popular methods for businesses to advertise their services online to target majority audience. 

Google Adwords Management is the biggest PPC Services available in India, Europe & across Globe that gives businesses a fast and affordable way of getting their website to the top of Google for the key phrases most relevant to their service. The idea is simple, you choose a selection of key words or phrases that relate to the service or product you want to advertise, then you place a maximum bid on these terms and a monthly budget that you're willing to spend. Each time a user clicks on your ad and is redirected to your website you pay a small amount to Google which is deducted from your monthly budget. The more money you put into a campaign, the higher you'll appear within your list of competing advertisers. There are also other factors that can determine where you appear compared to your competitors such as the quality of your adwords, the clickthrough rate of your advertisements and the relevancy of your keywords to the service they advertise.

At The Designer Lounge Unit we take away the hassle of setting up and managing an Adwords campaign. Our dedicated PPC experts know the ins and outs of Google advertising, making sure that you are using the most relevant and effective keywords for your business, as well as ensuring your monthly spend is being used as effectively as possible. All of the adverts we create are targeted towards your potential clients and tested in various formats to find which advertisements are most clicked on by your visitors.

We offer simple month-by-month pathedesignerloungeents which are flexible and can be amended to suit your requirements. You aren't tied down to a lengthy contract, so should you wish to cancel, we'd only require 30 days notice. Our monthly fee is set depending on your budget and covers regular campaign checkups, tweaks to your keywords and bids as well as monthly reports on how your campaign is doing.

See below for a list of our Adwords packages. For more information or to enquire about customized packages tailored to your requirements please contact us to discuss.

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