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April 2nd, 2014

Almost 60% of the Working Global Population are Using Smart-phones to check mails and Surf Web ! Our Web Responsive Services.

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By Going responsive we thereby adhere to flexible usability of the Web Art. This is Any-time, anywhere solution for people on the go.

With the increasing demand for responsive sites & shortage of Experienced designers, one has to understand the exact methodology of the responsive websites.

"To be precise and exact, The Responsive design is somewhat sane approach to web designs that brings solutions to a lot of design problems caused by the amateur designers, incorrect structure and size variations of new types of mobile devices. Current Responsive designs pages use x and y coordinates on a grid system for design layouts and mathematical percentages for images instead of fixed-width parameters as used in out-dated websites. Using percentages instead of fixed-width parameters and a grid layout creates a more fluid layout that will resize itself to fit the size of the display screen. Using this techniques the designer can alter the variations and create unique responsive structures of the website and thus viewable on all platforms. "

After initial study, we can state that there are several ways to implement responsive web design. An important method to implement this structure is to dynamically detect the user's platform (such as an iPad / iPhone / android) and load specific HTML and CSS for the corresponding device. responsive property is supported in html5 & css3. Another option is to use media queries, which automatically load different CSS styles depending on the size of the browser window & fit accordingly. As The Bootstrap package, which contains several prewritten JavaScript and CSS files, is based on media queries and is commonly used in responsive web design.

Usually most of our old websites were been developed based on fixed layouts, and on a common screen width of 1024px which had been considered a relatively safe size to use for websites. That did not work well on small mobile screens & lead to websites looking a little lost on larger desktop screens with disproportionate viewing. The fix method for dealing with this has been to create two separate properties, where one experience is optimised for mobile and the other for desktop. However this means that two websites have to be maintained, increasing the cost of development and maintenance. This fix ignores the multitude of current devices that now sit between mobile and desktop for example the iPad,iphone & Android Smart phones.

The Designer Lounge Unit has dexterous staff working on ever-changing technologies and are constantly updating themselves through various programmes, seminar trainings and regular case studies.

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