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At the Designer Lounge Unit, Designing Transcendental Web Designs is a continuous process. While you may be reading this many web designs may have been rolled out. With Our Team working 24*7, we deliver just that web art you were looking for. All our Websites and Web-art are first carefully analysed, designed and then processed. We take keen interest on choosing the platform of the development. It therefore becomes a open system where we are constantly updating ourself with latest technologies and inventing newer and more better Web Solutions.

We work with heart, to give you something that touches your heart. We trust that anything that is created with love and harmony becomes a sucess. We do not doubt our abilities and have faith in all our classic endeavours. The Design Lounge is a web designing company in India & Europe providing your business need with a new way to source every kind of design and graphic in any sector and anywhere in the world.

All our Layouts and designs are gathered through inspirations and a carefree mind. Once the idea is finalized, our execution is precise and meticulous. We leave no stone unturned in our application. Whether it a e-commerce project using magento customization, drupal, wordpress, or a complete new PHP development, We have the Solution. Same with the design, whether it is a WebGL work, a Parallax website or a html5 canvas website, We have the best Proficient team at helm. Cheers & Smile. 

We have been the Leading Web Developing & Designing Unit across India & Globe since 2010.

Web Design delhi | Web Design india | The Designer Lounge

Why ' The Designer Lounge ' ?

What sets us apart from the Rat Race


We have over 9 years of experience in the Global web design and development industry.


All of our sites are built with responsive layouts as prerogative. So they are perfect on all devices, be it a tab, an I-Pad.

» Free Stuff!

We Provide complimentary assessment of all the projects with honest views by our designers. This requires keen understanding for your project. And we have all the time for it. Honestly !

» Optimization

We have specific plans to optimize every website to be found in all of the major search engines.

» Reliability

Every website we build is error checked and validated to meet W3C web standards for HTML and CSS. We leave no stone unturned to give you a package .

» Accountability

When we are trusted , we are responsible to follow up with you . For We believe that service cannot be sold once , it needs care & maintenance .


The biggest tool for any enterprise is dedication , we are a bunch of devoted people using some of the most prolific tools in the industry to the best we can.

» We Monitor

We constantly update, review and improve the performance of our websites.

» Love to Serve

Our designers & developers are always there 24*7 shifts to make the most out of your on-line presence. We believe in the language of Heart2Heart.

We Live by , ' Love All - Serve All ! '

Holy Ideas Transcendental Debates

Transcendental Debates

For Sacred Ideas

When two people who have faith in the Divine, discuss plans about any ventures with a prayer in their hearts ; they are bringing holiness in that work. The work itself becomes worship and the act gets sanctified & successful.

Our Team has been practising this secret since long and it is a tested formula for producing a successful venture. When the creator comes in the picture, the creation is bound to be successful. We believe in God, We Live in Him and He lives in Us.
Omnipresent, Omniscient & Omnipotent..

  • Our Core Principles - Dedicating each act, charity, love all - serve all, help ever - hurt never, duty is God & keeping time off each day for being with the Self.
Sacred Ideas Divine Interventions

Divine Interventions

For Any Success

Divine Interventions inspires us; A simple sign, A word spoken on TV, A flash of lights, A fragrant encounter, A message by a co-worker might be just the answer we are looking for. It is said that everything else is complex, only the Divine is Simple. We place faith in it.

Around us ; in our day to day affairs, we have millions of acts that are transcendental but our clouded vision prevents us from observing them. Take some time off & look around, we will find something with a new perspective each time. Perhaps, that could be what you were looking for day in & out.
The Magic of the Divine Envelopes Everything.

  • Values we Abide By - Integrity, Honesty, Being Vegan, Respecting commitments, Being Positive, Living in sync, ethics, Dedication & Devotion.

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We at The Designer Lounge are The Global Design Specialists. We have about 1,500+ successful clients managed by design experts, our graphics agency and designers across Globe. There has been extensive demand worldwide for the right graphic, the right design and the right layout for implementation. We work with heart, to give you something that touches your heart. The Designer Lounge provides your business with a new way to source every kind of design: graphic design, brand design, website solution, digital marketing, advertising, video and product - for any size of business, in any sector, and anywhere in the world.

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