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  •   REVIEWS - A Detailed review of your websites code, design, performance & SEO.
  •   ERROR CHECKING - Checking codes for errors that can hinder performance.
  •   IMPROVISATION - Suggestions & creativity to attract more customers.
  •   REPORTINGS - Reports on how you can improve your Google search enging ranking position.
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Do you reckon that your website isn't working for you but can't get to know out why?

The Designer Lounge Web Designing Agency, will review your website for FREE and advice you with some of the best ways in which it could be improved & upgraded . Some of the areas we assess are:

  • General Design, Responsiveness & Layout
    Is the site layout & structure outdated, could it benefit from a fresh design or Is it Mobile/Tab friendly ?
  • Valid Coding
    Is your code validated to meet W3C Standards or are there many error in it which hinders its reach to audiences ?
  • Coding Errors
    Are there errors in your codes hindering it's performance and usability ?
  • Coding Tree Structures
    We shall judge if the structure and the way your code is written be improved to speed up your site?
  • Per Page Performance
    It is very important to know, How quickly does your site load and could the size be reduced to improve speeds by varied performance tools?
  • Search Engine Optimization SEO Analysis
    Is your website optimized to be found in all the major search engines or are the pages and complete website as a whole search engine friendly, or could your position be improved ?
  • Tracking Analytics
    We shall check if your website has any method of website page wise tracking as to who visits your website and the areas that are most popular in your website ?

We would love to help you get the most out of your Website & provide you a performance packed Solution. If you'd like us to take a look over your website don't hesitate to contact us. Make sure to include compelte details of your website !

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We at The Designer Lounge are The Global Design Specialists. We have about 1,500+ successful clients managed by design experts, our graphics agency and designers across Globe. There has been extensive demand worldwide for the right graphic, the right design and the right layout for implementation. We work with heart, to give you something that touches your heart. The Designer Lounge provides your business with a new way to source every kind of design: graphic design, brand design, website solution, digital marketing, advertising, video and product - for any size of business, in any sector, and anywhere in the world.

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