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March 24th, 2014

The SEO term is often misleading, we see a SEO of people advertising about their search engine services. Though only a handful of them can be trusted as others are all misleading and bogus. They might give quick results in few days, but the after effects are disastrous and due to these malpractice by quacks many sites have been banned by Google.

SEO is a complicated art which is time consuming and strategy oriented. Our Search Engine Optimisation ( web ) Services along with Off page optimization believes in Extensive On-page Optimization. If you're in doubt on how your site could be improved with SEO techniques , contact us about a FREE Website Review (link)or take a look at our SEO Packages in India & Europe(link). "the designer lounge". To find out more about how The Designer Lounge Unit can help you get the No.1 Slot. Get in touch ! FREE SEO Review or take a look at our SEO Packages of The Designer Lounge Unit.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO is very effective part of the game plan in SEO arena. We bring forth few tips on effective on page seo planning.

  • Quality Content

The content is a specific force in a website which measures its health in the SEO race. The content has to be users self made and not copied from any external source or websites. The Content verily plays a very important role in bringing the site to the top slot. We advice to strategize the content in an elegant and unique manner to avoid duplicacy and stuffing.

  • Imperative Title tags

Title tag are the title of the page in the site i.e. "Website Designing Company India | Web Development India | Web Designing India", is the page title of our homepage.

The Title tags are the predominantly very effective for site's search engine structure. They bring genuine results and if effectively placed they play vital role in the overall search engine optimization techniques. Mostly the title tags are placed on the subject box. But the tags should be thoroughly selected and only business specific tags should be used to make the search more precise.

  • URL & Domain Name

The Quality of domain name and URL plays an integral role in the SEO mechanism, a business centric URL is more SEO friendly than a specific name or brand title. We suggest our clients to choose URL's very carefully so as to make them Search engine useful and which will boost the business through direct and specific meaningful channel.

  • Image Alt & Title Tags

Alt and title tags are specifically used to show alternate text about a specific image or box on your web page. When someone hovers over an image, this is the text that shows up in the caption box. It gives additional info about an image, box & it also allows special users to read your content much easier. Search engines crawls them very easily & they help to find your page faster.

  • Sitemaps

Site maps are collection of all your URL's at one place. Using effective techniques we get the site map placed in varied search engines which gets acess to all your URL's & thus generate traffic. It is necessary for any exclusive website to have a updated site map.

To find out more about how The Designer Lounge Unit can help you get the No.1 Slot. Get in touch ! get in touch!

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