Using WebGL Technologies

WebGL Opens a World of Web Motion Graphics

March 16th 2014

""At the Designer Lounge Unit, We like to play with technology and our Unit is fascinated with WebGL Creations." " - @The Designer Lounge Team

The World of WEbGL is very vast and yet unexplored, we know its ambient and pretty adventurous. All the webGL creations are mostly canvas and Java scripts. But WebGL is not only about creating its environment and using the three.js well, but webgl is about dreaming concepts. Its not a child play to use webgl to its full use, but slowly and gradually the webgl world is growing and all the top browsers are updating & gearing up themselves to the WebGL World.

Nowadays, websites with motion animations are very hard to find and with this technology one can build motion gaming and thematic websites which are truly awesome in design looks and graphic animations. To create a WebGL website or simply a cool intro, One needs extensive experience on this field and has to be a professional web artist.

Check out our few WebGL web arts at the Designer Lounge Works

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