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January 16th 2014

Our Team will support you in finding out issues with your current website and also providing you honest insights on improvements and updates.

The Designer Lounge Team will & review your website for FREE and recommend the ways in which it could be enhanced. Some of the areas we mark out are:

  • General Design & Structure
    Check if the site is outdated, What all updations can be made in Layout ?
  • Valid Code
    Is your coding meeting with W3C Standards?
  • Coding Errors
    Are can be thousands of errors in your code hindering it's performance.
  • Coding Structure
    Planning the Updated coding structure for your site.
  • Per Page Performance
    This depends on the placement of the contents and efficient coding strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization
    How can your Search engine performance be enhanced and traffic be generated on the site ?
  • Analytics
    Implementing the Analytics coding in your website to track visitors & locations ?

Submit your site today &  contact us. Do not forget to include details of your website !

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